Power Hockey Development Inc.

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Carnevale Junior Showcase - Scotiabank Pond (Toronto, Ontario)


* It’s a great way to stay in shape for the summer.
* Also gives players trying to play junior hockey next season an opportunity to showcase their talents while getting valuable experience against proven junior players.
* This summer league is intended on having wide-open free wheeling entertaining hockey that’s fun to play and watch

Weekend #1: May 21st - 24th

Weekend #2: July 2nd - 4th

* Each team will have a 5 minute warm-up 
* Play 2 periods of 25-25 stop time with floods 
* Shoot out if the game ends in a tie
* Topped off with an exciting play off format  
* Experienced and Professional Coaching Staff
* Jersey's & Socks Provided 

Cost per/player:

$250.00 per tournament 

$450 for both tournaments


Pay by E-Transfer